Linux Tmxxine is one of our developing projects. Read HolyGeek Linux Report for an intro to Linux.

We now have permission from Barry Kauler to use Puppy as the basis for Linux Tmxxine

Here is a page we started for Puppy at wikipedia and here is the new developing Puppy Wiki

Linux Tmxxine ver 0.5 Edit

  • Installation through a web browser
  • Friendly and familiar generic OS that just works
  • Embedded across devices including mobile phones
  • DIDO hardware is always on, running, connected
  • Auto-save; data is on-line and/or uses keydrive, flash, CD/RW
  • Transparent, background upgrade
  • Ability to install to legacy USB, Zip, or hard drive media
  • General purpose and specialised tools, such as those used in chronoiatric work
  • Public release version scheduled for 2008

Beyond XUL Edit

The latest Puppy is stable enough to start using. We will be using a multi-session 2.6 kernel Puppy with suggested customization.



  • ASQ Tmxxine Programming Language, this is likely to be bootstrapped from XUL
  • Tmxxine Continuum Most up to date news and Blog
  • Tmxxine Linux is based on a future/alternative brane Puppy Linux featuring voice and natural language recognition incorporated in an embedded Cell processor powered mobile phone (manufactured in the far East)

Latest Info on Linux Tmxxine



Resources Edit


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Name Description
Knoppix Based on 100% free Debian. Secure. Well supported and developed. Knoppix free pdf Book
Kanotix Developed and enhanced Knoppix with easy features
Austrumi Latvian language with English support
Puppy Small Windows like, can run from CD or keydrive
Beatrix Simple Gnome based. Vast potential. Nice cats.
Lnx-bbc Experienced users, 'Leave no trace' rescue CD
Feather Linux Small dark and cool. Knoppix based.
SAM Mandrake based 200 meg ISO, Firefox and Skype included
Damn Small Linux A business card size (50MB) bootable Live CD Linux distribution, it has a functional and easy to use desktop.
Luit Modular version of Damn Small Linux. Uses a fast shell.
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