You light up
& stay lit
like a sun
that doesn't grow cold
No one can control you
or how you shine
Your light is free


增進航程 zēng jìn háng chéng
zēng = to increase/to expand/to add
jìn = advance/enter/to come in
háng = vessel/craft
chéng = journey
zēng jìn = promote/enhance
háng chéng = flight
zēng jìn háng chéng = to enhance/aid flight
Yosy Flug = 增進航程

Hi Yosy

Good to find you able to create a game

and then some more

or was that just a dream too?

prayer Edit

Please pray for Yosy who is reducing his anti-pain medication.
[what pain? what medication? forget it! :) - yosy]

LOL - Now that is what I call a quick revovery. Lobster

There was a misunderstanding: Yosy is not IN pain ... he IS a pain. ;) lol -ts-

got - ya! May all pain be imaginary - as the Buddha said to the Dervish Lobster

all pain is imaginary! except in one particular case - when it hurts YOU

Yosy, Yosy, Yosy... I hope you are feeling well and healthy! where is the lovely poem of yours???...the BOOK being written (by the "anosmic" one)...aurg...I love it! It should be here. I may be forced to find it on one of the lists. The next nanosecond I can squeek in past my lovely chillun's needin to check their email! Love, --Lynnkub 20:57, 31 Dec 2004 (PST)

) hi lynn, thanks... if you feel so, i'll put it on 'yosy flug' page.

btw, did you notice how graciously ts translated my name to chinese? amazing!

_()_ yosy

Thank you! Yes, that is amazing what ts and everyone else can warms my heart at the end of a grey day at my soul-sucking day job; that is, when I get my time past my dear, dear son who needs to check his email (I love you too, honeybun)...hee hee hee lynn



chiloom, chilloom ... make up your mind, bro. ;) lol
launched The Mooj page ...
still makes me laugh even after all these years.
-ts- 21:34, 18 Jan 2005 (PST)

Hi Yosy,

I hear you have Skype working on your computer. It is working on my computer now too. You can find me by the name Jigme_Champa there. I found a yosy there. Is that you? Love to talk to you :-)

Love Jigme

HI Yosy! Don't you have any interesting bugs where you live?
HDThoreau 01:25, 14 Aug 2005 (UTC)HD

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