The introduction is from "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones" by ~ Paul Reps ~
The prose and comments by Chinese master Kakuan ...
who also drew the original pictures found in Rep's work.
These illustrations are my own work done in 1976 or so ...
just playing around with a felt tip pen and some callgraphy paper ...
prior to coming into possession of a real ink-stone and brushes.
have entertained the idea of doing them 'properly' ...
but after all ...
it was one of those 'in the moment' things ...
and perhaps best let be.
i like the results.
Had lost track of these until finding them hidden in a box three
years ago ... and used a digital camera to re-capture them.
They are based on some drawings i found at that time in an unknown
book that i have not been able to relocate over these many years.
The additional commentary, found beneath each picture is, i believe,
from that same source.
If anyone can steer me towards the original source i would be delighted
and more than happy to attibute it here.
Any additional commentary or other translations are welcome.
Please use the "discussion tabs" at the top of the relevent page ...
or use this discussion space here.
Think you.
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