Clean page - nice layout - integration of 3 different photo sources - thought the icicles were seaweed (coz of shadows) reminds me of the chinese dish known as seaweed here (is in fact deepfried cabbage with flavouring - very crisp very nice) - and is not Peking Duck a fish? - talking of fish . . . Lobster

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Having previously been alerted to the factor that -
slugs can use their slime as a rope to repel up and down
(like Spiderman)
i was especially in awe of
the young Banana Slug who had
made it's way up the wall somehow
and was nestling amongst the
cherry tomatoes - halfway up the house.
I cannot eat those tomatoes now; it's ruined for me.


Sensing the equal importance of the slug world to
the rest of the food chain, i feel guilty that i have
forgotten to toss them compost, and what else should
i expect?<grin>
Now I know they are covered with nerve-endings
density-MASS - over every pore of their slimy skins
i hesitate to SALT them anymore, to cause such
excrutiating pain.
We are ALL God's creatures, and somehow related.
I get more satisfaction from relating to the soil
and the air, and the waters, and staying warm
and - talkin' to the slugs now, I am!
(poor things! but
(they are actually quite artistic)

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