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  • We are moving towards Ajax and XUL as our bootstrapping methodology
  • Dual sided and distributed processing

Ajax is an emerging server sided programming language, XUL is more client sided. The distinctions are merging. The real bottleneck is the transfer and updating of data. For this quantum entanglement of ALL internet data makes all information on any node of a quantum enabled device instant and independent. This is some way off.

What are the ASQ SPEC? Edit

Computers are now more correctly known as communicators or 'cell phones' and will be enabled with the ITS (IBM, Toshiba, Sony) consortium's cell processor or other low wattage, high powered processors. ASQ has no constraints on memory size, or CPU power. Whatever ASQ requires, exists or will develop. Several programmers can work on the same code and will ALWAYS see the results of their code

Taking the right information and processing it correctly, creates virtually anything. ASQ is the interface between the information and the required result. The end reveals the solution.

Uniquely a program is always working and available

Quantum computing and before that grid processing and Cell processors, will bypass the historical restrictions of memory, processing power and CPU design. As the potential for self configuring, growing and reconfigurable CPU's become the norm, the idea of language dependent on architecture becomes redundant

  1. Extensive use and integration with Rich Internet Applications
  2. Trust metric, open source, p2p wiki
  3. Net connected and public server based for main forks
  4. Integrated voice recognition
  5. ASQ is AI enabled
  6. ASQ is language and syntax independent
  7. ASQ is 'imprecisely mapped programming' IMP. In other words it does NOT rely on precise syntax but is geared towards human speed with background AI refining the meaning



  1. Drag and drop Drag controls into program to change your running development fork
  2. Auto-complete code editing offering suggestions on valid syntax
  3. Syntax coloring and Block lines and colour
  4. Use different colors to distinguish between keywords, variables, code and comments
  5. Code assistant
  6. XML Plug-in development


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