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There is neither heaven nor earth ...

Only snow

Falling incessantly.


Who looks down and out
to beggar secrets?
Who speaks
my heart?
Whose lightning
Is dust beneath
the stars?

Don't paint what you see
see what you paint

Far Sure

Elements Eating earth with a spoon
Ripple without pulse, Burn and Seer
and blow a Way . . . oar Dreamt

- Anon Nun

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Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air
Thomas Gray

Don't think
I don't know
who reads this poem
is helping
to write it
Steve Toth

Stability With Ability.
People living in a World of Dismay.
Today, Tomorrow, a World of Sudden Horror.
Watcher Stalker, An Army of Terror
A World full of Instability.
Our fear, feels for a World Full Of Peace.
How easy the People with Stability and Ability,
To keep Peace in a World with Sudden Terror from becoming
a Terrible Error.


Love has no death

we die, we should rejoice

people cry for pain

cry for others pain

When does Love cry but in its absence

Love can bear its own absynth

Death is no match

Rejoice. Soon

all you know and are

Will be dead

Earth is in the middle of the Heaven,

which does not blow as the wind,

nor flow as water,

or burn as a fire;

Neither is it static as matter.

Jigme Champa

winter chickadees
arriving and departing
like feathered thoughts

my friends, the poets....

the poet is

like a flute

shaping the breath

into a melody

true poet's life

is shaped

into a breath

of the divine. . .

hollow from self

touched by intuition

life breath is a tune

in the symphony of being


ps: when you read/hear a poem

and it touches your heart

it is because

you yourself

are the endless


of life

Hey Yosy can you help out
an old friend?
What are these fantastic things
called shadows that people
are always talking about?
As far as my eyes go
I've never seen one
Hey Yosy
whenever you have to
go to court
just tell them
you're a friend of mine & if
they would be good enough
to step outside
I'll be glad
to be your character witness
Tell them how we get
high on love together
Tell them those plants
needed to go somewhere
& asked you for a ride
Tell them you've got the good stuff
emanating from your heart
Steve Toth

The Life anon

Lovers of life
grow oasis pools
and crops of well

Trust me you children
as my own may grow
Call them and bless them
with knowledge of unfathomed oceans

I will not bleed them for my fat
They are the dessert and lambs now
have won life

and sun shine

Everybody wants
to be somebody
not me
I don't have to
be anybody
to be who I am
I'm nobody
I listen
Steve Toth

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