A blind old Buddhist monk walked into a bar, accompanied by an equally venerable seeing eye dog. To the great surprise of the patrons, the monk suddenly grabbed his canine companion and began swinging it around his head by the leash.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” yelled the bartender. “Besides, I didn’t think Buddhist monks came into bars.”

“It’s okay,” replied the monk. “I’m just looking around.”


Feast Room open

"Erat abhinc viginti annis hodie,
Centurio Piper catervam canere docebat."
(It was 20 years ago today Seargent Pepper taught the band to play)

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Is life a Collaboration? Do you dare visit this Peace Poets experimental page
and risk finding peace forever?


Participants in Peace

Better than a thousand useless words
is one single word that gives peace.
Better than a thousand useless verses
is one single verse that gives peace.
Better than a hundred useless poems
is one single poem that gives peace.

~ The Dhammapada ~


Thank you for your presence/presents

each and every child in our family ...
(the one stemming in unbroken line from adam)
is bestowed at birth with the hereditary title "ssp&u"
(ssp&u = someone special, precious and unique)
though only few remember and try to live up to it.
so, dear companions, please keep in mind that -
whether we remember it or not - all are entitled
to this title fully since the day we are born.
bear it humbly yet in pride.
謙�?�自豪 qi�?n xùn zì háo
~ yosy ~

I am not your skin But under All is Me You are my tickle This finger has a point this finger is most certain a . . . tickling

Great Balls of Fire Edit

Having the strong wish that all living and feeling entities in the Universe have peace of heart and mind.
Above all no suffering and Connected with all reasons for happiness


TP tsim0

Tsimsian Peace Totem Pole Raising 2004

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The audience is as big a part of the production as are any of the players who strut on stage.

A brand new show for 2005 ... Get relaxed


A Rare FlowerEdit


Sometimes you find a rare flower
that blooms only once in the universe

All worldly things are Transient
As entropy is the Arrow of Time

Kung Fu means hard work
It is the true meaning of Jihad:
The struggle of Life seeking Order
...but entropy always wins

The Past is Only Memories...
The Future is Only Dreams...
NOW is the Essense of My Domain.

Things are as they are
Things evolve to be because they can
Mind is Function
...or so the spiders say

The only question left is:
What do you want to work for?

There are other Flowers

Written by Tom Michael Mostly Zen Baby tao (talk) Inspired by the Universe


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Tom Michael Mostly Zen Baby tao (talk)

Thank you for your presence/presents.


What a place to be the Peace Elements are turning out to be for participants. The new Peace-L is the new place for the HolyGeeks to develop computer skills. We have had tantrums and mending melding across many dimensions. Are we done yet? Just beginning.

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Consider this to be a Communal Peace Sandbox ... play.

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Dear Friends,

We sometimes have to give peace a means through which to express an abstraction into a reality. As individuals we may find comfort and peace in company, in solitude, in intimicacy or even in conflict. People know they have a great deal to unravel in their search for Peace. As you seek so do we find. One word creates 10 000 realities.

  1. A cyber merging of Sorcery, Shamanism, Atheists, Artists,Poets, Alchemists, HolyGeeks Buddhists, Dervishes, Pagans, Christians, Muslims.

The irreligious and the trans-spiritual offer their experience.


Dear Friends,

Soon we will be entering the element of fire. I will be throwing myself on the barbecue in anticipation of a wonderful feast.

And you thought the Zorastian flames were extinguised? What other delusions will be purified by the fire?

Flaming Lobster

When people undergo any mystical experience it is useful for them to have a container through which to understand and filter the excesses of their rapture. Sufism is one of those veils. Traditionally they have ascribed to themselves the protection of societal labels of idiots, crazed, drunk and intoxicated

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if strangers meet
by e e cummings

if strangers meet
life begins-
not poor not rich

(only aware)

kind neither
nor cruel

(only complete)

i not not you
not possible;
only truthful
if strangers(who
deep our most are

(and so to dark)

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In lucid darkness
Mind, like a solar flare
Illuminates night


I am a child of the universe. I deserve total recognition of this in the light of God. Being a child of the universe, I want to live in a world without war I want to live in a world without starvation I want to live in a world without pestilence I want to live in a world of love, peace and harmony Because I am a child of the universe.

(Cambodian poetry)

Peace CubesEdit


ThePeace Cubes aka Light Cubes are based on the Virtual Light and Colour Cubes. discovered in the immediate follow up to the June 1996 Habitat II Conference in Istanbul. The Virtual Light & Colour Cubes were dedicated as Peace Cubes at the United Nations Peace Bell on March 20, 1997.

For more information, see Journey of the Peace Cubes

All of the images that have been developed from the Lght & Colour Cubes have been registered as Common content - see - and can be freely used on a NonCommercial basis'


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