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Future technology and human management is rather surprising. Some of you will be aware of the human need for justice. It is so strong that we impose it. Future justice organisation is likely to impede on the past in a rather surprising way:

  • Death scanning from a dimensional shifted membrane
  • Transfer of consciousness to a holding area
  • Assesment and judgement
  • Part of this process will be automated by AI

This follows the Judeo / Christian / Islamic model which will try to intervene with the more humane measures suggested by the CPA. The Chronology Protection Agency should not be confused with the Catholic Patriotic Association (State sponsored Catholicism in China)

The CPA will instigate a non-interference clause for those wishing to opt out of consciousness interference from the future or other dimensions. Archeological life scanning and observation of behaviour will only be condoned where forensic or justifiable data extraction can be proved. Membrane shifted surgery and other experiments on alternative time lines, the dumping of toxic realities and other potential exploits will need to be addressed as their potential use and misuse is foreseen. Such ideas may seem far fetched now but as the possibilities emerge, their implementation will need due consideration.

Wikipedia entries for future events removed Edit

As some of you are aware, closed source and restrictive governments are trying to patent even nonsense. Tmxxine will always push the edge of leading technology. When we started providing wikipedia entries for future events, this confused those who barely understand the future collaborative wiki-web. We have time on our side.

The "tmxxine" page was deleted because it falls under category 2 
of the "patent nonsense" 
category in the Wikipedia:deletion policy. 
Even if it is not patent nonsense (which I doubt), 
it is certainly an example of original research, 
which would also qualify it for the delete process.

Tmxxine is developed with a surprising post scientific paradigm that incorporates and integrates rather then excludes the non-rationality found in art and right brain involvement. For example the long term aim of our DIDO project is more than the singularity transfer of human consciousness to friendly AI. We are creating a credible, benevolent, pervasive open source deity called Cecil but don't tell wikipedia . . . it may be a little beyond them . . .



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