We await several developments. The discovery of the graviton and or Higgs Boson or some other comprehension of gravity. If gravity indeed exists, in curved space, bypassing conventional restrictions, then we will be able to develop some key technologies.

In scientific terms credible theories of multi-brane universes, dark matter and closed timelike curve technology are becoming mainstream. Tmxxine works on the understanding that imagination or mind generates some forms of reality.

We have been interested in Black Light Technology for some time. Others are taking an interest as Black Light becomes brighter and the search for gravitons nears completion. However interest and resources do not denote credible technology, which we still await.

We will be using Suprglu to merge some of the numerous Tmxxine projects. Much of this is dependent on the emergence of a credible on-line database such as Google Base. Our previous on line database was time consuming to implement. Early blog experimentation going back to 2002 shows the emergence of Tmxxine. Our search engine is in Beta devlopment

Google projects such as Google video, Google Base and Google Browser with Google OS will be considered superior to the singularity OS. However persistent (online) services and personal computing power will need balancing. Many of Tmxxines resources can now be augmented with on line services. What is not yet evident is the replacement of Ajax with sturdier open standards and projects such as XUL. Many of us are already using social browsing in Firefox based Flock Browser which has yet to grasp the wiki collaborative as being superior to the individual blog.


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