Fourth Dimension Edit

William Knoke: "Everything - Everywhere", effortless flow of people, products and knowledge

In this Fourth Dimension, location = time

Traditional economic, political, and social structures change radically to encompass the co-opted means and tools.

Resources, and ideas become fluid as Location = time + awareness

As credible OS hardware for time and dimensional travel is being developed, Tmxxine is able to concentrate on its core impetus. The development of software. Rather than write in legacy existing languages, Tmxxine requires its own ASQ language

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Brane cosmology is derived from superstring theory and M-theory. The central idea is that our visible, four-dimensional universe is entirely restricted to a brane in a higher-dimensional space, called the bulk. The additional dimensions may be compact. Other branes may be moving through this bulk. Interactions with the bulk, and possibly with other branes, can influence our brane and thus introduce effects not seen in more standard cosmological models.

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