hello hedi ...
you can play around here ... just click the edit tab above.
then type in something. click on the show preview button below
the edit window to preview what it will look like.
when finished ... click on *save page*.
that's it.
don't worry about mistakes ... you can always change it back.
if you have questions ... type them here ... and i will try to drop
by and check how you are doing.
you can talk to me by clicking this little talk icon on my sig. -ts-(talk)

here is an editing tutorial: Help:Tutorial

you can also go to other pages ... click on edit ... and see how they
do what they do by viewing the code. you can then copy and paste part of
it here ... to see how it works.
have fun. ;) -ts-(talk) 21:59, 12 May 2005 (UTC)