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Congratulations to 19 month old Lorik - One of our more mature members - who is in hospital, recovering from a serious illness. Our thoughts and prayers are with our youngest member . . .

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Alchemy relax frame

complex table exp in wiki markup

An example table
First header Second header
upper left  

right side

lower left lower middle
A table in a table
Wiki Wiki

Two Wikia logos

{| border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" align="center"
|+'''An example table'''
! style="background:#efefef;" | First header
! colspan="2" style="background:#ffde00;" | Second header
| upper left
| rowspan=2 style="border-bottom:3px solid grey;" valign="top" |
right side
| style="border-bottom:3px solid grey;" | lower left
| style="border-bottom:3px solid grey;" | lower middle
| colspan="3" align="center" |
{| border="0"
|+''A table in a table''
| align="center" width="150px" | [[Image:wiki.png]]
| align="center" width="150px" | [[Image:wiki.png]]
| align="center" colspan="2" style="border-top:1px solid red; 
border-right:1px solid red; border-bottom:2px solid red; border-left:1px solid red;" |
Two Wikipedia logos

This is heading 1

<html> <body bgcolor=#00ff00>

Look: Colored Background!

</body> </html>

This is
preformatted text.
It preserves      both spaces
and line breaks.

The pre tag is good for displaying computer code:

for i = 1 to 10
     print i
next i

If your browser supports bi-directional override (bdo), the next line will be written from the right to the left (rtl):

<bdo dir="rtl"> Here is some Hebrew text </bdo>

a dozen is twenty twelve pieces

Most browsers will overstrike deleted text and underline inserted text.


Here comes a long quotation:

This is a long quotation. This is a long quotation. This is a long quotation. This is a long quotation. This is a long quotation.

Here comes a short quotation: This is a short quotation

With the block quote element, the browser inserts line breaks and margins, but the q element does not render as anything special.

image as link: <html> <body>

You can also use an image as a link: <a href="lastpage.htm"> <img border="0" src="buttonnext.gif" width="65" height="38"> </a>

</body> </html>