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Our Human Phychie and where we are all headed.

The nature of mankind to understand itself has been an on going march.

Since the beginning of Civilization man has look to the heavens for an answer to an never ending question.

Who are we and why we are here? Such a strange puzzle has for years and years cause all of mankind to wonder about how Life's beginning and what purpose do we serve.

History tells us that Ancient Man seem to have had some reason that life was rule by fate.

Our Ancestry finds that Man understood that the Sky seems to hold what might happen in the

future. Our Ancestors were very good Time keepers. Ancient man were fame Astrologer-s.

In Ancient Iraq Astrologers were masters at the craft of watching the movements of the Stars and to understand how the Stars may affect the days ahead. This information was secret advice to Kings.

To this very day all of Mankind still look to the Heavens to find a clue to who we are and why we exist. An simple answer is life is something of a gift that we all should value.

In the Universe with all of it Heavens and Heavenly Bodies perhaps such dynamic energies possess an intelligent. This universal intellect may be perhaps the reasons why we are here. Such a grand force of the Heavens may be that life created is how this super intellect entertains its self.

With this Philosophy of where we come from, how do we fit in this World?

We Humans must understand our Caretakers must have a real purpose for us here in this Wonderful

World we all live on. Unlike like a our relative the Animals, Man has a Brain and Hands to think and build Systems keep himself alive.

To sum up a very long Story, we are here to learn, and to Evolve. Our mutations will give us the power to move straight ahead in an ever changing Universe. Human Mutations will achieve the Powers to create and destroy matter as we see fit. Like Ancient Man, Modern Man will possess intelligent intellect to give Power to move within Our Heavenly Universe.

Like our Heavenly Universal Intellect we may possess the Powers to create life and control this life as we see fit.

Thus our Journey aboard the Space Ship Earth is to Evolve and become like a God. Having the same Heart and Love that a Father has for his Children.

With the understanding of General Science, Law, History, Sociology, Paranormal Phenomenon and Astrophysics with relations to Cosmology. I have come to this understandins as to why we are here

and where what directions we will proceed.

With the Power of Spirit which dell deep within Heart and Mind.

Truthful Yours, GemmOne ( Mr. James W. Blount, Jr.).

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