Anti-Gravity is essential to manipulate time and the construct of our brane. This primary and essential force is increasingly being investigated and hopefully understood and manipulated. During the process of manipulation the required side effects will lead to an understanding of how to augment their effect.

Programming exploration continues with languages such as Ruby and we digg for new information.

First Quantum chip Present computation capabilities are woefully inadequate and at present only Quantum computing offers the potential for the vast real time requirements of an open source AI quantum language such as ASQ. Our language will be redesigned in 2006 with a clear set of objectives and design specifications.

String theory Multiverse is one of the theoretical aspects that we continually monitor. However theoretical physics is little more than speculative metaphysics in some areas and quantum mechanics is inadequate in its insistence in a cog based universe model.

The search for ever more exotic components such as the glueball particle yield both results and more questions. Tmxxine for success will have to focus on answers around existing technologies.

Potential ASQ type language such as this combined with many of the ideas in the emerging web 3 based on web2/Ajax will allow us to program in internet real time in an open source and collaborative manner.


Earth Vortex

13 things that do not make sense

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