Welcome to the experimental collaboration page.
Read the following poem and let your separate
identity evaporate like the poem suggests.
Then go to the edit page and type in a few lines
that flow through you without concern as to
how they sound or what they mean. This is
an experiment so there is no right or wrong,
just the flow of energy.
Don't forget to put <br> in for the line breaks


Once we were lying
in separate bodies of water
but the sun evapoarated us
& now we're whirling together
in a cloud taking shape
seemingly from nowhere

we are truth
in won buddies
& warm bodies
Our Son, worldlings
Mist arisings
Life our meaning

Flow our stream
We seek no one's approval
If some people don't like our weather
that won't stop us
from tap dancing all over their rooftops

we are transformed
melting ...
evaporating ...
condensing ...
into This

O Plants
Thanks for the oxygen
We know we'd be out of
breath without you

One ounce of nounce
is as worthless as ignorance
The Ox, the gene, the why
all meld in breath and out
We dance we prance
and move in stillness most of all

Though we dance
With ne'er a ponder
what chance would we
ever have without you?

Stormy seas - the winds of change
Cast our nets while we can
dance our hearts out
but what if you're doing the twist
& your partner is doing the stomp?
Life can be painful
but there's no need to suffer

Flow along with the river
All is change; illusions
have even become disillusioned with us
How odd...
Now we're vying with God.
Hackers online tease reality
Now we're looking at
our computer monitors
reflecting our eyes back to us

If we want nature
to unveil a few of its beauties
we'll have to strip off
some of our fears first

There's nothing to fear
Beauty is nothing to fear
some of my best friends are beautiful
in ways I'm just beginning to discover

It is said one must give up education,
not because we should be dumb,
but because we must seek a level
of consciousness beyond the intellect.
We must study, but not to the point
that emphasis on experience
and meditation is lost.
If we can combine the intellect
and direct experience with our meditative mind,
then there will be no barrier
to the wordless perception of reality.

Everytime I read the word "wordless"
silently to myself
I just have to smile

I breathe deeply
and feel warmth washing
like liquid life

A word, like a tree -
neither a word nor a tree.
Sometimes the words
cannot see the forest for the trees.
That matter of perception when
To BE is just to bee...

And down the dell we fall,
All related - all
Send your alibi
To the 'Eye-In-the-Sky'
Peace on Gaia bring
Let the churchbells ring

Through all the swirling, dancing, awe of nature
Reverence to the trees for each breath
Forget not the origin of the mist, the oceans, the trees
The Breath of Life was given to each of us
The ultimate connection to nature is to revel in it
Praise unto the SUPERPOWER who spoke it all into being

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